Brands are slowly yet surely moving forward in planning and implementing Google Analytics 4 (GA4). When FiveStones did a survey for our Greater China webinar, we found that 35% of our audience were aware of GA4 and the sunset of GA (UA), but hadn’t started to plan their GA4 implementation yet.

For this article, we will showcase more reasons as to why GA4 is actually worth investing time to learn and properly implement, and how the platform solved issues faced by a Hong-Kong based brand.

 PrimeCredit’s reporting challenges

A financial management business, PrimeCredit had customers who were using their products via different access points which were their apps and website. They could gather insights via their GA (UA), but it didn’t really paint the customer’s journey across app and web.

  • Non-linear customer journey: different app and web properties, not able to understand unified customer journey
  • Siloed data: Marketing insights were not unified and based on siloed data, broken into app and websites.

Unifying data with GA4 

As a long-time collaborator of the brand, FiveStones decided on GA4 as the solution to solve the brand’s reporting challenge. As both app and web data could be streaming to a single GA4 property, it would unify PrimeCredit’s data.

A dual GA (UA)/GA4 implementation strategy was used. The objective was to prepare PrimeCredit for the eventual sun set of their GA (UA), while also future-proofing and preserving data integrity as much as possible.


Our 4 step approach: GA4 enablement for app and web properties

Colorful Linear Business Process Graph (1) 1

Step 1: Requirements gathering & Alignment

The first step before the planning was to understand the brand’s needs. FiveStones set meetings to align on PrimeCredit’s business goals, their data collection objective and to define their analytics requirements.

Step 2: Analytics Solution Design

The next step involved further defining PrimeCredit’s data collection requirements & rules, according to a measurement framework. At this stage FiveStones designed a high-level tracking strategy and GA4 implementation plan.

Step 3: Implementation & Configuration

On approval, GA4 was then to be set up in PrimeCredit’s apps and website. A FiveStones’ curated guideline was given to the brands’ app/web developers to implement custom events and GA4 according to the measurement & implementation plan.

Step 4: Tracking Results Validation 

The final step was to test and validate the settings and data from the tracked events in GA4, and to ensure that the implementation aligned with PrimeCredit’s measurement objectives. On completion of the validation process, FiveStones  conducted a final walkthrough with the brand on the End Data Collection results.

The true customer journey is unlocked

With the successful implementation and validation of GA4, PrimeCredit got the true insights that they needed, which was a holistic understanding of their customer’s activities across their websites and apps.


  • Able to create reporting in GA4 which deduped user’s actions across app and web
  • Cross-device reporting allowed Prime Credit to efficiently gather unified data of their customers, leading to more accurate & actionable insights.

TESTIMONIAL: The most rewarding part of working with a tech partner is to have a team that understands our needs and provides

We’ve been working with FiveStones since 2017. We started with a simple goal of building a backbone on tracking campaign data. FiveStones has supported us through our operation needs in the beginning, and now they have become a valuable partner in using technology and data to support our decision making. live and breathe digital.

The most rewarding part of working with a tech partner is to have a team that understands our needs and provides thoughtful plans and recommendations that allow us to arrive on a sound decision. FiveStones has done that and a bit more. We can always rely on their expertise on analytics and different technologies because they simply live and breathe digital.”

Eric Fung, Head of Marketing, PrimeCredit


GA4 implementation is a process for any company. If you have both an app and a website, think about the best way to stream your data into a GA4 property for the most accurate insight.

If you want to learn more about GA4 or how to implement it in your organization, please contact FiveStones and we will assist you on your Analytics journey!

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