Google Marketing Platform provides a full stack solution that connects media channels, helping you buy and optimise and analyse your campaigns. It brings together your advertising and analytics to help you make quality customer connections, surface deeper insights, and drive marketing results.

Google Marketing Platform A Unified Ad and Mar Tech Ecosystem

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Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) logo

Display & Video 360 (DV360) is a powerful campaign management tool that allows creative, data, and media teams work together to execute end-to-end campaigns.

DV360 is a key part of the Google Marketing Platform. Marketers can easily find and discover high-quality inventory. Negotiate deals directly and execute buys quickly and efficiently. They can access the best range of audience data from across Google platforms and first party data & third party segments. Using Google’s machine learning technology, marketers can keep optimising campaign to improve performance.

Key Benefits of DV360

  • Access high value inventory - exclusive access to YouTube and GDN, and access to all major exchanges and SSPs and deals with specific publishers.
  • Reach your audience - manage, build and analyse audience from all sources, so audience strategies can be planned and implemented across campaigns
  • Drive performance through automation - Google's machine learning to drive high performance
Google Search Ads 360 (SA360) logo

Search Ads 360 (SA360) is a search management platform that helps agencies and marketers powerfully manage large scale search marketing campaigns in a multi-dimensional manner at many levels.

It can easily handle campaigns across multiple engines and media channels. With everything in one place, marketers can create, test, optimise and create again effortlessly. The power of this platform lies in its intelligence and freshness. It’s smart with its automated bidding. It’s fresh with its quick and near real time data on search and site conversion. Besides, the ease to use is a huge plus – budget management, handling structural changes, event triggered changes are all in a single platform, report on performance at scale or in granular level.

Key Benefits of SA360

  • Automate at scale - set up, optimise, manage, and tweak and edit your search campaigns across all your search engines in one place. Social campaigns are also measured and attributed.
  • Use advanced optimisation tools - automate bidding, budget management, structural changes, event triggered changes in a single platform
  • Access reporting & insight at speed - get access to search data and site conversion data in near real time
Google Campaign Manager (DoubleClick Campaign Manager)

Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) is a management system for advertisers and agencies that allows them to manage digital campaigns across websites and mobile.

Campaign Manager 360 enables marketers to host and serve multiple engaging ad formats across all channels and to measure and report on all media in one centralised platform with access to advanced measurement, data-driven attribution and reporting tools as well as targeting and verification.

Key Benefits of CM360

  • Centralise measurement - One platform to centralise, analyse, and act on a single view of the customer
  • Access advanced tools - Advanced measurement such as data-driven attribution, verification, viewability and other reporting tools
  • Host & serve creative - Host and serve multiple engaging ad formats across all channels in one platform

Use our  calculator to estimate your potential ROI when using Campaign Manager 360.

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Google Studio logo

Studio is Google’s Creative Solutions Platform that allows advertisers to create, innovate and manage their creatives, including rich media and data-driven creatives.

Studio integrates with the Google Marketing Platform stack to incorporate campaign strategies into fibre of the creative. It enables hosting of creative assets, complete control & flexibility over dynamic creatives. Change of messaging and images is as simple as updating a spreadsheet. This also means having unlimited possibilities of generating creative versions that best market your brand or product, or best target your potential customers based on data. Studio’s dynamic creatives provide an integrated approach to serving creatives.

Key Benefits of Studio

  • Host an asset library - Hosting of creative assets in one place
  • Develop dynamic creative - Complete control and flexibility in personalising ad elements in real time
  • Quality control - QA and debugging inclusive
Google Analytics 360 (GA360)

Analytics 360 (GA360) lets you analyse consumer behaviour, develop relevant insights, and then provide a more engaging brand experience.

Analytics 360 enables integration of data from websites, media sources, CRM systems and offline data in one easy-to-use interface. Marketers can better evaluate performance of content, products and campaigns with the 4-hour data freshness. With Analytics 360, marketers can execute faster, make smarter decisions and optimise content across all channels.

Key Benefits of GA360

  • Aggregate data sources - integrating data from your website and various sources in one single interface
  • Fresh data at scale - analyse performance with higher relevance and accuracy of fresh data
  • Take action from insight - quick decisions can be made and be executed across all channels
Google Tag Manager 360 (GTM360) logo

Tag Manager 360 provides enterprise-focused features that allow you to add or make changes in your tags as needed, without the need to touch your site code.

Tag Manager 360 is integrated with Google Marketing Platform. With the enterprise level support and features, it delivers tag management that’s simple and reliable. It also includes a service level agreement (SLA) that covers container serving, configuration interface availability, and access to dedicated support specialists. There is also the assurance of error checking, security features and speedy tag loading to ensure all your tags work.

Key Benefits of GTM

  • Speed - Improve page load times by firing tags asynchronously across web and mobile web properties
  • Consolidation - consolidate and manage tags with powerful editing tools and user permissions, add or edit with just a few clicks
  • Workflow - simplify workflows and decrease speed to market by eliminating code changes, with preview mode and debug

Looker Studio allows marketers to create interactive dashboards and reports that present multiple views that enhance business decisions.

Creating beautiful dashboards has never been this quick and simple. Reporting visualisations are created with less time and effort. Using pre-built connectors, Looker Studio natively integrates with outside partners directly to underlying datasets. Share with teams and customers. Powerful sharing settings with full control of editing and distribution.

Key Benefits of Looker Studio

  • Visualise - instant visualisation of dashboards and enterprise reports
  • Connect - native integration of data sources
  • Easily shareable - share across organisation with setting control