Break your company's performance barrier with innovative creative solutions

Creatives can inspire customers to take specific actions. At FiveStones, we’ve developed our own advanced creative solutions using Studio and Ads Creative Studio in our client’s projects.

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Advanced creatives are recommended for any company wanting innovative solutions for efficiency gains, and sophisticated, granular reporting.


As Ad Tech experts, we’ve led creative projects that included  cloud, media & data solutions. FiveStones also collaborates with agencies and brands (or both!), solving project management and/or developing efficient creative workflows. 

Sample creative project scope

  • A full scale assessment of your current creatives (if any)
  • A thorough review of your creative requirements & business goals
  • Storyboard
  • Designing of creative content logic
  • A Platform toolkit
  • Develop an Animation and Motion Graphic Style Guide (if required)
  • Develop and provide HTML5 Animation Prototypes (number dependant on pricing schedule)

*Actual project scope subject to final brief


Bespoke Creative Solutions

Our bespoke creative solutions are for companies that prefer creatives to be developed from scratch instead of an existing template. This could be due to a business-specific creative logic, or the need to invest into new templates.

Key benefits of Bespoke Creative Solutions

Creatives can be built to integrate with your company’s platforms, whether it’s a SAAS or offline solution.
Automated workflows
Invest into creatives with an automated process, e.g. a creative’s message being updated using a real-time trigger such as the weather, or a live sports match.
Quality Analytics
Enhanced analytics in advanced creative solutions provide advertisers valuable insights, aiding continuous campaign optimization for better results.

Advanced Creative Solutions: Social Display Ads

Social Display Ads (SDA) repurpose social media posts/ads as banner placements. This allows brands to expand cross-channel reach and avoid the costs and time associated with creating new ad creatives for diverse channels.

Key benefits of Social Display Ads

Saves Time & Money
Your team won’t have to spend extra time designing from scratch, which saves you production costs.
Combat Ad Fatigue
Swap exhausted ad creative with your social media posts without any additional creative production necessary.
Brand Consistency
Leverage your existing, branded visual content to ensure brand consistency.

Advanced Creative Solutions: Dynamic Standard Ads

FiveStones has developed a custom solution that enables dynamic content creation, and editing with advanced, dynamic HTML5 standard ad templates.

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Key benefits of Dynamic Standard Ads

Effortless Customization
Easily create and customize ads with options like text, images, click tags, and more for a tailored marketing approach.
Cost Savings with Technology
Utilize advanced technologies and HTML5 programming to deliver dynamic content as standard ads, leading to significant cost savings on ad serving fees.
Streamlined Ad Creation
Simplify the ad creation process, allowing marketers to efficiently manage and customize content for maximum impact.

Clients we’ve worked with

A highlight of our relationship with FiveStones has been working with them on creative solutions including advanced dynamic creative to enhance our prospecting and remarketing programmatic campaigns and more recently pictogram style social video creative. The scope of the work typically extends from concepting, designing all the way to the building of the creative and it’s always a pleasure working with the FiveStones team, responsive to our requests with creative work turned around within the given deadlines, technically perfectly executed and meeting our high-quality standards.

Testimonial by Matthew Beyer, Performance Marketing Manager, Pearson APAC