Social Display Ads is one of the new creative technologies to emerge in the industry in recent years. It makes sense for marketers to invest in it, considering that 80%* of companies in 2021 were investing into social media – so why not reuse it in some way?

*Source: HubSpot, “Not Another State of Marketing Report”, 2021

Introduction to Social Display Ads

But first, what are Social Display Ads? Simply put, Social Display ads are social media posts recreated for banner placements. 

By reconfiguring popular social posts, brands are meant to extend cross-channel reach, and eliminate the monetary and time investment required to produce new ad creatives for a different channel.

6 Benefits of Social Display Ads

There’s numerous benefits for companies when it comes to adopting Social Display ads into their marketing strategy.

1. Saves Time and Money

Your team won’t have to spend extra time designing from scratch, which saves you production costs.

2. Combat Ad Fatigue

Swap exhausted ad creative with your social media posts without any additional creative production necessary

3.  Better Performance

Social Display can increase CTR and give your marketing efforts a boost

4. Brand Consistency

Leverage your existing, branded visual content to ensure brand consistency

5. Extended Ad Reach

Delivered on Display channels, Social Display ads enable your brand to reach beyond just social channel users

6. Amplification

Boost high-performing social posts and extend the reach across the Internet programmatically

Automation in Social Display Ads

From HubSpot’s 2021 findings, 76% of companies report using automation and 26% of companies that are not yet using automation are planning to use it. In such companies, marketing is mostly using automation for task management – such as auto-generating multiple design-types based on the content input.

In FiveStones, we’ve developed Social Display Ads with automation in mind.

fb_to_display_image2 1

Instead of going through the process of manually developing a Social Display ad, the FiveStones solution allows us to dynamically fetch content from a social account (e.g Instagram), and then to display the content in a custom display template that’s designed according to your needs.

What does this mean to the marketer? Besides the 6 benefits of the Social Display ads that we’ve extolled earlier in this article, this means that with this technology – you can:

  • Re-use your strong social asset into a custom, reusable creative template with dynamic elements
  • Automatically generate the Social Display ads versions you need and have it servable in your ad server or demand-side platform
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To conclude, consider investing into Social Display ads to repurpose an Social asset that has existing brand value – yet also explore how you can inject automation into the creative process to help you speed delivery of your marketing campaigns and improve overall productivity of your teams.

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