Platform Automation & Integration

A customised solution to extend your ad technology's functionalities

FiveStones is able to tailor comprehensive solutions, designed to enhance the efficiency of your ad tech platforms. Our custom-built solutions are crafted to provide full-scale support, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness for your company’s marketing endeavors.

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What does Platform Activation & Integration involve?

The Platform Activation & Integration project scope is tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs. For instance, a customer may seek to integrate their CRM platform with Campaign Manager 360 and Looker Studio to enhance insights delivery. This particular solution requires customized ‘extension’ or automation of Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and other platform infrastructure

Which companies can benefit from Platform Automation & Integration?

Platform Automation & Integration is ideal for companies confronting unique ad tech challenges and seeking innovative solutions within platform constraints. Whether you’re addressing specific client demands or navigating platform limitations, our service is designed to enhance your ad tech’s capabilities to achieve results.

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