The first step to enabling a data-driven business is getting valuable data

As a compact ad tech consultancy, FiveStones’ solutions architects are always heavily involved in designing how your company can obtain marketing data in a privacy-safe way, using relevant data-collection solutions such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) & Google Tag Manager (GTM).


This service is for businesses who need to ensure that their marketing data is of quality and aligned with business needs.


As a certified Google Marketing Partner with more than 20 years in ad tech solutions, FiveStones is experienced in developing bespoke project frameworks, based on which stage of data collection your company is at.

Sample of our project scope

  • Working closely with you to understand where and how data should be collected, according to your business objectives 
  • Architecting a tagging structure 
  • Sharing detailed guidelines on how your developer should implement tags
  • Testing and auditing tag implementation
  • Additionally, FiveStones also provides Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration and/or training services.


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Measuring app and/or website performance

If your marketing relies on measuring user engagement alongside organic and paid channels, you’ll need to invest in Google Analytics 4 / Google Analytics 4 (360). The Analytics 360 is the enterprise-level version for customers who need scalability.

Key benefits of GA360

  • Advanced user management and custom reporting give your teams access to the data they need to understand your customers
  • More scale for your BigQuery exports, reporting, and audiences. Get all of your data in near real-time.
  • SLAs, audit notifications & compliance features give enterprises the security they need to operate more efficiently across the world
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Centralizing media performance with owned ad server

If your marketing relies on accurate and non-siloed reporting on your media channels, investing in an ad server solution like Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) is crucial.

Key benefits of CM360

  • Integrated cross-channel features across the Google Marketing Platform
  • Leverage advanced verification, ad serving, and measurement tools
  • Traffic prospects to your site with high-quality templates

Clients we’ve worked with

We’ve been working with FiveStones since 2017. We started with a simple goal of building a backbone on tracking campaign data. FiveStones has supported us through our operation needs in the beginning, and now they have become a valuable partner in using technology and data to support our decision making. live and breathe digital. The most rewarding part of working with a tech partner is to have a team that understands our needs and provides thoughtful plans and recommendations that allow us to arrive on a sound decision. FiveStones has done that and a bit more. We can always rely on their expertise on analytics and different technologies because they simply live and breathe digital.

Testimonial by Eric Fung

Head of Marketing, PrimeCredit

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