Create better ad experiences with Data-Driven Creative (DDC) and dynamic ads in 2019

As an expert in Data-Driven Creative and dynamic ads, FiveStones understands a successful creative takes more than just a beautiful design, it is also typically engaging and relevant. In other words, it follows the AIDA model — Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action — which brings forth a result of having the prospect or potential customer taking a specific action that the marketer and business would like the prospect to take.

Whether that action is an email opt-in, lead magnet download or actual conversion such as a purchase. But how do we get around to achieve that? We are now asking creative to do more than just looking good. It needs to be engaging, and it has to relate to the potential customers by providing personalised content based on behaviour, understanding what the customer is looking for before communicating a message via dynamic ads that will resonate and drive the desired action. In this article, we’ll look at how technology can empower data-driven creative and dynamic ads (as well as the marketer) to achieve the desired result.

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We also explore a case study from Hong Kong local jeweller, Chow Sang Sang, to demonstrate how technology powers creative to make advertising more personalised to the desired audience and tapping into data on previous behaviour to effectively communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time, in turn driving conversion.

As a household name, Hong Kong local jeweller Chow Sang Sang was established in 1934 and is one of the most popular jewelry retailers in China, with over 500 stores across the country. As part of their offering there are thousands of products at affordable prices, including diamonds, gemstones, gold and platinum.

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How do Data-Driven Creative and dynamic ads work?

As Chow Sang Sang’s technology partner, FiveStones worked with the company’s digital agency to develop Data-Driven Creative and dynamic ads to transform the process of how they promoted their brand and products. The process began by creating a customised dynamic template using Studio within the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) suite. Through XML feed (other supported feed formats include Google spreadsheet and CSV), the template can be easily updated with new ad copy or creative based on a specific promotional offer or seasonal theme throughout the year. As an example, ads served in August coincided with Chow Sang Sang’s anniversary and in November ads around Cyber Monday were served.

By using the company’s rich first-party data, Fivestones and Chow Sang Sang were able to create even more tailored, personalised ads based on knowledge of behaviour by potential customers who visited their website through remarketing. As an additional example, if a potential customer viewed a particular necklace on a product page within the website and did not purchase, an ad for that necklace would be served the next time they browse the internet. The media buy was executed through the Google Marketing Platform via the Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) product, with optimisation and continuous tracking of campaign performance managed through Campaign Manager (CM).

Data-Driven Creative as part of digital transformation

Fai Leung, Senior Manager, e-Commerce at Chow Sang Sang Holdings International, was pleased with the performance of Data-Driven Creative. He concluded, “We compared the figures before and after using Data-Driven Creative, and we’re thrilled with the results. Our company is doing all sorts of digital transformation to provide a better customer experience. Looking into the future, we see Data-Driven Creative playing a core role in our advertising plan.”

Having used the Data-Driven Creative, Chow Sang Sang tripled the monthly conversion rate using the same media budget. The dynamic creative also drove a reduction in CPA by 38% and CPC by 5%, meaning a strong return on investment through more efficient campaign implementation and higher revenue. Importantly, this also led to the overall conversion rate on the company’s e-commerce site increasing by 52%.

If you are interested in using Data-Driven Creative and dynamic ads to improve the performance of your website and conversion rate, please get in touch with the FiveStones team in your local region today.