FiveStones has been a key player in the digital market in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific in the past decade. To the corporate sector, we have been taking up the role of an educator, conducting training for our customers, from digital marketing basics to sophisticated application and implementation of ad technology. That is what we do as part of our business. Business for us, however, is not only about making profits, we treasure every stakeholder in the society, and we give back. 

In June this year, our founder and Managing Director Alex Yeung spoke at the “Teacher Workshop Series” organised by a number of tertiary education institutions at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. On the topic “Programmatic Marketing today: Data, Media and Creative”, thoughts were shared on Programmatic Marketing as it exists now and where it is heading. By empowering the teachers and educators, we are creating an empowering future for the next generation. We treasure the engaging conversations and the enthusiasm to share and learn. It’s always a privilege to give back and be an active fibre in weaving the future of digital marketing.

Alex stressed on the importance of collaborating with educators, and he concluded, “It’s important not only to educate the next generation but also to provide the latest market trend and knowledge to their educators, so that the content in the curriculum will be able to catch up with this fast-changing world. It can only be achieved by a joined effort from both the academic and business sectors.”

In contributing to the future of marketing in Hong Kong, we are committed to make a difference through education and knowledge sharing.