Smaver, an Australian company specializing in connecting individuals with state service providers during a house-moving process, faced the challenge of refining their reporting capabilities and enhancing marketing strategies with quality data. FiveStones & Smaver collaborated to activate Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on Smaver’s website, and to ensure their data collection methods aligned with business needs.

The Challenge

Smaver wanted to deliver transparent reports to state service providers, who they considered as important stakeholders for the business. At the same time, they needed insights to improve their marketing and reach a wider audience. This required addressing the following:

1) Limitations with Outbound Reporting

Smaver needed to gain a deeper understanding of user interactions with outbound links, their reporting at that stage was not granular enough.

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Screenshot of page describing Smaver’s Welcome Pack, from

2) Enhancing User Engagement Data

Smaver aimed to refine their data collection methods to gain better insights into user interactions on their website. This included recording actions like offer interaction, video guide views, CTA button clicks, and engagement with Smaver’s product known as a Smaver Welcome Pack.

The Solution

FiveStones provided practical, results-focused solutions:

GA4 Data Collection project milestones 2

1) GA4 Custom Events 

After aligning on critical points of user engagement on Smaver’s website, FiveStones introduced company-level custom events in GA4. These events tracked essential actions like offer interactions, video guide views, CTA button clicks, and interactions with the Smaver Welcome Pack, helping Smaver monitor and understand user engagement more effectively.

2) GA4’s Custom Dimensions

FiveStones incorporated custom dimensions in the GA4 activation process, allowing Smaver to record and analyze detailed data on clicks to outbound links. These dimensions included attributes such as Link Text, Service Provider, and Section, providing invaluable user behavior insights for them and their stakeholders.

3) GA4 Custom Campaign Tracking

To ensure success for future campaigns, FiveStones created for  Smaver a standardized UTM naming convention template. This tool would be a valuable resource for consistent tracking and optimization for any upcoming paid campaigns.


1) Enhanced Reporting

Leveraging the custom dimensions, Smaver gained the capability to utilize GA4’s in-platform reports and explorations. This allowed them to create detailed reports on user outbound activity, offering actionable insights to drive decision-making.

2) Data Quality Assurance 

During the project, FiveStones uncovered and resolved data duplication issues, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of Smaver’s analytics data. Notably, page_view event duplication issues were addressed, leading to cleaner data.

3) Reliable Marketing Data

The revamped GA4 setup instilled trust in Smaver’s marketing team. They could confidently report to stakeholders and segment data for deeper insights, such as understanding user behavior based on location and interactions with the Smaver Welcome Pack.


We now have access to all the information we need to optimize the user experience on our website and better manage our relationship with our partners.

Bill Lang, Director, Smaver

The collaboration between Smaver and FiveStones exemplifies the transformative power of data-driven decision-making. Through the expert implementation of Google Analytics 4, Smaver could elevate their reporting and marketing capabilities. Smaver’s ability to now provide detailed outbound reports and execute future targeted marketing strategies not only met their immediate needs but also set the stage for sustained success.