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As a compact ad tech consultancy, FiveStones’ solutions architects are always heavily involved in designing how your company can obtain marketing data in a privacy-safe way, using relevant data-collection solutions such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Campaign Manager 360 (CM360). FiveStones also elevates your analytics capabilities with our GA4 training and GA4 migration services.

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    We’ve been working with FiveStones since 2017. We started with a simple goal of building a backbone on tracking campaign data. FiveStones has supported us through our operation needs in the beginning, and now they have become a valuable partner in using technology and data to support our decision making. live and breathe digital. The most rewarding part of working with a tech partner is to have a team that understands our needs and provides thoughtful plans and recommendations that allow us to arrive on a sound decision. FiveStones has done that and a bit more. We can always rely on their expertise on analytics and different technologies because they simply live and breathe digital.

    Testimonial by Eric Fung

    Head of Marketing, PrimeCredit

    Read our case study on how we resolved PrimeCredit's reporting issues using GA4Need guidance on GA4? See 5 ways to check your GA4 readiness