Benefits of centralizing YouTube & other media buys in DV360

Display & Video 360 (DV360)  is a  programmatic platform where marketers can purchase video inventory, such as from YouTube. Are there other benefits that marketers can get?


Key benefits: Consolidating media buys in DV360

Purchasing YouTube ads in DV360 allows marketers to consolidate their media buying efforts in one platform. This opens the door to other key benefits via DV360.

Benefits DV360 Features
Wider range of Video & Display ad Inventory

For Video: YouTube & 90+ other video ad exchanges. Connected TV available

For Display: 76+ ad exchanges, including Google Ad Exchange, Pubmatic, Rubicon.


Access to Varied Marketplace types Open auction & private marketplace, i.e purchasing of programmatic guaranteed, private auction, preferred deals
Unified tracking Centralize tracking of YouTube ads and display ads with Floodlight tag


Buying YouTube in DV360

If you have a sizable marketing budget that’s spread out in a variety of channels, DV360 allows you to centralize your media buying & measurement of display, video (and other types of ad formats) via one platform.

Scenarios you can do in DV360:

  • Manage frequency of your YouTube ads and other non-Google Video ads at campaign level in DV360 – reduce overexposure to targeted user
  • Centralize tracking of your YouTube ads and programmatic display ads; measure and attribute your conversions using Floodlight tag


Learn more about DV360

There’s a variety of reasons why programmatic marketing and DV360 could help you get better campaign results. To find out more about DV360, contact FiveStones here.