In digital marketing, deciphering data is the compass to success. In this blogpost we’ll share how Blue Insurance collaborated with FiveStones to harness the potential of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and refined their app and web customer insights.

The Challenge: Navigating a Data Maze

Over time and with changing teams, Blue Insurance had an array of GA events, leading to skewed data and duplicated records. The transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 further heightened complexity, necessitating a shift. Additionally, the launch of a new app introduced intricacies, while the distinct UA-GA4 metrics landscape posed uncharted waters.

Solution: Guiding the Path to Clarity

FiveStones and Blue Insurance came together to define how they were to proceed with giving data clarity back to Blue Insurance. A phased approach was implemented, allowing Blue Insurance to relearn how and what data is collected.


FiveStones orchestrated a transformation by aligning with Blue Insurance’s marketing team to organize and revamp Blue Insurance’s GA events. The outcome? Precision in data and ultimately bespoke dashboards that facilitated seamless performance tracking.


To bridge the chasm between app and web tracking, GA4 was implemented, allowing for linear customer journey reports.Additionally, FiveStones enabled GA4 to mirror UAs event tracking – meaning that the insights which Blue Insurance were used to from UA reports could also be replicated in the new GA4 dashboards.


Empowered by personalized GA4 training with their own data, Blue Insurance now navigates GA4 easily and is more proficient in reviewing their App and Web data

Results: Quality source-of-truth reporting fuels campaign decisions

  • GA4 Reports are the company’s source of truth for campaign performance
  • Media agency can be aligned on exact conversion events

GA4 reports and dashboards now stand as Blue Insurance’s cornerstone for performance analysis of their campaign activations. The company-aligned GA4 conversion events could be confidently used & optimised by the brand’s media agency, as a conversion goal in their Google Ads campaigns.

“FiveStones has been an instrumental partner throughout our Data Analytics journey. As an online insurance brand in an increasingly competitive market in Hong Kong, it is critical that our marketing data is of high quality and accuracy, allowing us to make more timely business decisions. Working with analytics experts like FiveStones enabled us to create an authentic, deduplicated view of the customer across all of our touchpoints, with key data visualized in dashboards for faster insights.”

Kevin Tsang, VP, Distribution & Marketing, Blue Insurance Limited

Conclusion: A Unified Data Landscape

Blue Insurance’s collaboration with FiveStones paints a clear picture: data is the heartbeat of modern marketing. From the tangled web of disordered GA events to the leap from UA to GA4, challenges were met by the brand head-on. The implementation of GA4 turned these challenges into opportunities for Blue Insurance’s marketing team. Now armed with refined insights into app and web activities, Blue Insurance stands ready to shape their path ahead.