1st Google Analytics Workshop in Shenzhen, China

In the era of big data, Analytics has increasingly become a topic on everyone’s lips. On 3 December 2019, FiveStones kickstarted the very first workshop at the Huantu Restaurant in Shenzhen Aerospace Science and Technology Plaza in Shenzhen, China. It was an event on Google Analytics with the topic “Integrating Data into Your Business” that attracted many guests from the digital marketing field. The guests were very enthused and eager to participate in the discussion where they were to discover what Google Analytics could achieve for them, and how to gain insights through Google Analytics such that they could work with data to achieve business success. Although many businesses in China have been talking about digital transformation, most of them are still at a relatively early stage of their digital journey. Often times their internal and external data are not yet connected, and most internal data are not integrated and standardised. Faced with massive amount of data, it is often impossible to effectively apply the data to business operations. The challenge is that they know the core of business is data-driven, and yet how do they use data to drive and strengthen their business?

How to use Google Analytics to pan for gold in a sea of data

In our workshop, we addressed the topic “Integrating Data into Your Business” via three different angles. First, Janie, a Google Analytics specialist from FiveStones, uncovered how to use GA to pan for gold in a sea of data. The current marketing landscape is as complex as it is, Janie explored the relationship between marketers and data, and how the issue of data fragmentation can be dealt with, and how marketers can cut through the many data streams and get clarity on what is meaningful to the business and apply it. Janie also shared how Google Analytics could support marketers in solving buisness problems.


How can marketers use Google Analytics to bring their business to the next level

In order to further explain how marketers could use Google Analytics to advance on their business, we also invited our second speaker Dylan, the head of digital marketing performance growth at SAIC Group, to share a case study on how GA brought the company’s success to the next level. In his experience, business success was not driven by one single department alone, it was usually a cross-functional phenomenon. In the case, he shared that GA data was used by various teams such as data team, creative, marketing, and technology teams in the Group. He also explained how data visualisation helped them quickly grasp their performance level. Such quick analysis on data allowed them to optimise results time and time again.


Data application in businesses

We understand the importance of having an effective analysis tool and creating seamless collaboration between internal teams. In order to maximize the value of data in achieving business successes, marketers need to work with a trusted ad technology partner. From the last speaker FiveStones’ founder Alex’s sharing, we got to see the different stages of data application for businesses, and how a trusted and experienced consultant can lead the customers to success.


After the event, many guests stayed behind to mingle and bounce off ideas. With them, we created a great digital community of sharing. This is our first event in Shenzhen, China. FiveStones is privileged to share our experience in the field of digital marketing, and we look forward to hosting more events in the future.