Campaign Manager 360 Gets Your Business Ready for Digital Transformation

As a world-class timepiece brand, our client had invested significantly in their marketing efforts in promoting their various product series. While marketing is undergoing digital transformation worldwide in the past decade, our client also shifted their emphasis in online marketing in China, using Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) as the driving force.

A collaboration amongst three parties


The role of the client was to determine the yearly business goals, and set both online and offline budget for marketing activities for established timepiece models as well as new watches in the China market.


With a 4As media agency responsible to formulate and execute media plans based on the client’s marketing objectives. They may provide some media reports on data collection. However, when it comes to sophisticated data monitoring and collection that involved having expertise in ad technology, it fell out of their scope of this media agency. Therefore, they were on the look out for a professional third-party ad technology partner.


As an ad technology partner, FiveStones’ role was mainly on 3rd party ad serving and tracking of our client’s online media activities, including data collection, verification and media performance analysis.

Ad technology consulting

As our client’s media buying became more sophisticated, the client’s need for ad technology support also grew. Our client used to work with a service provider on ad technology tools for data monitoring. However, the vendor did not have a strong background in the advertising industry. When communicating with the 4A’s agency and media owners, they had very low efficiency. At the same ti1me, although data was harvested, they lacked the understanding and insight to come up with meaningful analysis.

As for the 4A’s agency, they also needed to upskill the internal team through training, however, this proved difficult. They had different skill levels in the team, with none having technical background in handling system issues or trouble-shooting abnormal numbers and reporting.

FiveStones was then engaged by the client to take up the role as consultant to solve the key issues they were facing.

Issue #1

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The client’s campaign consisted of a large range of media and creatives. With more than 30 different media owners in the media plan, the 4A’s agency needed to coordinate all the ad schedules, creatives of different sizes and different ad types before the launch. At the same time, the media inventory included web portals, vertical websites, fashion websites, video-streaming platforms, audio and social platforms.

Handling all media buying and having precise placements with the right creatives became a huge challenge. Apart from that, the client also struggled to keep a centralised reporting system. This meant the client was receiving various reports from publishers that had different counting methodology in the monitoring system and no meaningful insight or recommendation could be made from the data they had.


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Our experts saw the need to use Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) as a third party ad serving and tracking tool where centralised reporting can be done on all media placements. Strategic planning in implementing the trafficking plan was very important. We standardise the workflow that had every party involved be clear on their role and responsibility. Meticulously, we categorised media by channels and assign independent tags and tracking. Set a timeline and kept to the schedule. Centralised all data tracking through CM360. Provided accurate and comprehensive analysis on the data. With that, we were able to optimise the campaign on a granular level.

Issue #2

The client’s campaign ran in over 100 placements on different channels. It was difficult to ensure accurate data monitoring and pinpoint the source of error when discrepancy happened.


We designed a trafficking plan with a unique ID assigned to each ad that allowed us to fetch all historical and current data in Campaign Manager 360 (CM360). By the ID, we could clearly see where the ad was run on such as the site, device, location, format and its placement name in Campaign Manager 360 (CM360).

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Based on the plan from the media agency, we created the Trafficking plan, which was the basis of all ad tags generated from Campaign Manager 360 (CM360). When there was any data discrepancy, ad information could be retrieved by mapping the Unique ID in this Trafficking Plan. The source of error could quickly be investigated and identified allowing a fast solution to be implemented.

Issue #3

From time to time, publishers may have new creative formats available on their sites, with site settings also sometimes changing. In this situation, this provided challenges for the client when flawless display of their creatives could not be could not be guaranteed on their placements due to the unpredictable nature of technical issues.


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We created an all-rounded verification procedure to test the functionality of ad tags before the campaign launch. We supported the publishers by providing them with Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) tag requirements. Working closely with them, we ran tests and provided technical support to fix any technical issues. Our goal was to make sure the client’s campaign would run smoothly throughout.

Apart from CM, we also provided support on Google Analytics for data analysis which allowed the client to get better insights on ways to improve their campaigns.

For support or consultation on strategy and implementation of Campaign Manager 360, please get in touch with the FiveStones team today.