It’s not unusual in digital marketing to become fixated on attracting users to our site, often at the expense of considering what should occur when the user actually lands on the page. There’s a crucial aspect we may overlook: the journey from visitor to customer conversion. At FiveStones, we understand this journey as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), a marketing science dedicated to enhancing user experiences and maximizing conversions.

What is CRO and why should businesses care?

Simply, CRO is the process of fine-tuning your website to encourage visitors to take a desired action—whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a resource. By optimizing site elements, such as layout, content, and user experience, CRO aims to increase the percentage of visitors who complete a specific goal. No matter your business size, investing into CRO creates data-driven opportunities to amplify growth and maximize the value of website visitors.

Why CRO is a worthy investment for your business


A) Enhanced User Experience

CRO identifies and allows you to address the “pain” points in your user’s journey. A solid & pleasing UX is more likely to generate engagement on the user’s part.

B) Increased Conversions

When optimization is targeted, the conversion rate is more likely to increase. This would mean more leads, and ergo, more propensity for sales

C) Optimized Marketing Spend

CRO allows you to add further value to your marketing budget; the analysis from CRO enables you to ensure that visitors trafficked through media are more likely to engage

If you’re considering embarking on your own CRO journey but are unsure if it’s relevant, start by focusing on your business goals and assessing whether CRO will apply to you.

Common business goals that are ideal for CRO implementation.


A) Increase Downloads

Attracting visitors to download valuable resources like whitepapers, ebooks, or info sheets can establish brand trust and capture leads for future engagement.

B) Lead Generation

Forms capture valuable lead info. Optimizing the layout, fields, and messaging streamlines lead gen, encouraging actions like webinar sign-ups or sales consult requests.

C) Boost Sales

For e-commerce businesses, optimizing the shopping cart journey is crucial for reducing friction and increasing conversions. Identifying and addressing pain points, such as confusing checkout processes or unexpected fees, can help smooth the path to purchase and drive revenue growth.

Case Study: How A Finance Brand optimised CTA to drive growth

A known bank based in Hong Kong wanted to improve the user engagement on a page which had a form. There was a need to get more clicks on a CTA button, directing users to a product application form, and to complete the form application itself.

FiveStones designed an A/B test for them via a CRO platform. The idea was to have a variant in which the CTA button was moved up higher, so it was more visible without scrolling.

Illustration of A/B test

Case Study Results

The results of the A/B test were revealing and gave a clear indication that the position of a CTA button affects user engagement and conversions. Variant 1 emerged as the clear winner and resulted in:

  • A 56% increase in the Product Page-to-Application Form Visit Rate.
  • A 62% increase in the Application Submission Rate.
  • A whopping 133% increase in the Engagement Rate on the Product Page CTA Button.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can be a strategic imperative for businesses. By prioritizing user experience and continually refining your website to align with customer needs, you can unlock untapped potential and achieve sustainable growth.

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