As agencies and brands advance digital maturity with selective ad tech platforms, finding the right ad tech partner becomes crucial. In today’s fast-evolving advertising world, staying competitive means embracing digital transformation, especially with recent shifts like the third-party cookie phase-out.  

In this article, we present key reasons why FiveStones stands out as a formidable ad tech partner, guiding companies through digital transformation.

Creative Solutions Galore

What does it take to be an innovative creative expert? It requires countless hours of testing, mastery of Studio, and advanced developer skills.

At FiveStones, we master Data-Driven Ad Development, combining design, web programming, interaction design, animation, and marketing technologies. Our ads look great, feature smooth animations, work across all browsers and devices, are lightweight, meet strict specifications, and load quickly. They track interactions and use dynamic logic to display the right data to the right user. We offer a range of creative solutions, including feed-based, API, social, display creatives, and dynamic standard ads. Explore our creative showcase to see our creativity!

Masters of Digital Transformation

It’s a common pitfall: a company invests in an expensive platform, watches an on-demand tutorial, yet the platform remains underutilized and eventually deemed a failure. This is understandable; sometimes there’s just not enough time to learn new ad tech.

At FiveStones, we know the importance of saving time and money. We introduce ad technologies and consult companies on their usage, but our customer solutions team also evaluates when essential digital transformation should occur to foster efficiency and change.

Here are some ways we’ve enacted digital transformation:

  • Faster insights and reduced report generation: Instant querying from multiple data sources to automated data visualization in a Looker Studio dashboard.
  • Automated workflows that saves time: Developing dynamic creatives that automatically fetch data from a brand’s custom feed.
  • Enhancing decision-making with AI: Developing predictive models to help companies understand customers’ behaviour
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We’ve been working with FiveStones since 2017. We started with a simple goal of building a backbone on tracking campaign data. FiveStones has supported us through our operation needs in the beginning, and now they have become a valuable partner in using technology and data to support our decision making. live and breathe digital. The most rewarding part of working with a tech partner is to have a team that understands our needs and provides thoughtful plans and recommendations that allow us to arrive on a sound decision. FiveStones has done that and a bit more. We can always rely on their expertise on analytics and different technologies because they simply live and breathe digital.

Eric Fung, PrimeCredit

Borderless ad solutions from 1 partner

Did you know that we’re one of the few GMP Sales Partners with a presence not just in APAC, but also in China? Additionally, we’re partners with COD Payment, an authorized Alipay distributor. As an ad tech partner with solutions that allow you target eastern and/or western markets, we’re well-equipped to help you reach a global audience.

If you’re looking to target the influential Chinese market, you can access Alipay ad solutions via FiveStones. Alternatively, if you’re an advertiser from mainland China wanting to reach international markets, you can leverage our expertise with the Google Marketing Platform.

Scenario 1: As a UK-based tourism operator wanting to attract Chinese visitors in London, FiveStones and COD Payment can develop a project with you to build an Alipay “coupon” promoting an attractions entry discount via Alipay ad channels, which Chinese visitors can then redeem at a designated location.

Alipay coupon 5
Alipay ad solution

Scenario 2: As a Chinese online merchant wanting to raise brand awareness in APAC, FiveStones can enable your programmatic advertising journey with Display & Video 360, and assist in implementing Google Analytics to measure your campaigns and user activities on app and web.

Team Players with Brands and Agencies

FiveStones is an ad tech partner, not an agency. This allows us to collaborate with both brands and agencies to achieve campaign or project objectives. For instance, if a company engages a media agency to run a programmatic campaign but needs an advanced creative solution, FiveStones can step in to offer and implement a dynamic creative solution with the ad serving and programmatic platforms the agency uses.

We’re all about working with both brands and agencies. It’s not a competition; we team up with your agencies to roll out top-notch platforms and mature digital solutions.

FiveStones’ ability to provide a precise scope of work, their adept management of client expectations, and their steadfast commitment to the initially quoted cost exemplify their professionalism.

The GA4 implementation they executed has proven to be an invaluable asset, furnishing us with extensive insights to meticulously plan and evaluate both paid and organic website traffic. Their efficiency in project delivery, exceeding our expectations both in terms of quality and timeline, showcases their expertise.  

Paul Grainger, Media Republic (agency to Arcare)

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Connect with FiveStones

Partnering with an ad tech expert like FiveStones is a smart investment for driving change and enhancing efficiency. Our innovative solutions, expertise in digital transformation, and deep market knowledge make us the ideal choice. Let’s work together to take your ad campaigns to the next level. Connect with us today to learn more!

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