Our START Methodology

As part of the onboarding of our clients to the Google Marketing Platform technology, we have developed the START methodology to ensure they are up to speed and maximising their GMP investment from day one.

Training & Enablement

Training & Enablement - Google Marketing Platform

FiveStones provides in-depth training for all levels across the Google Marketing Platform, designed to enable marketers and agency practitioners to maximise their usage and ROI from the technologies. Our training is delivered by our Google Marketing Platform certified technology and digital experts, offering industry-specific and market-relevant best practices and applications of the Google Marketing Platform for your business with all training including comprehensive documentation and materials to support the sessions.

Onboarding Training

  • Campaign Manager Fundamentals Training
  • Display & Video 360 (DV360) Fundamentals Training
  • Search Ads 360 (SA360) Fundamentals Training
  • Creative Fundamentals Training
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Training
  • Full Google Marketing Platform Training

Advanced/Customised Training

For marketers and practitioners that already have a base understanding of using the different Google Marketing Platform products, we also offer more advanced, customisable training  for those looking to take knowledge and platform usage to the next level.