Yield Management

We support publishers in setting up their framework and getting them ready in the programmatic landscape.
Time is money. Even when your system is set-up and running, how can you use technology to further simplify the process to save time? How can you properly set up a yield strategy to maximise your digital revenue? 

Data Monetisation

Data is a currency. It’s valuable for marketers to gain insights into their audience and in turn drives sales. Therefore, for publishers, it adds value to its inventory. In other words, publishers’ data, whether it is first-party, second-party or third-party, can increase revenue for them. There are many opportunities to monetise data. 

Programmatic Consulting

There are different strategies that a publisher can apply to its programmatic space. No matter where you’re at, whether you’re at the start of the programmatic journey or you’re satisfied with what you achieved in the past, there’s always the next big thing. With the wealth of experience, our team will provide tailor-made advice from ad tech strategy to yield management.

Analytics 360

The integration of Analytics 360 with other publisher’s tools such as Google Ad Manager allows you to gather more insight in your traffic. It also means you can understand how your content crosses with the monetisation strategies. Are they getting results? With the Analytics reporting, you will be able to see a clearer picture that allows you to make smarter decisions and optimise content to constantly improve your strategies.

Our Process

  • Understand customer's business and media strategy and their needs
  • Audit current practice and design new structure
  • Onboard customer and execute aligned structure in related platform(s)
  • Manage testing and optimisation
  • Transfer knowledge to customer