Ad Format Innovation

Ad space is precious nowadays. Publishers need to optimise ad experience for audiences and at the same time maximise ad space value for advertisers. These two goals are often contradictory. The best approach is to ensure each ad slot contains appealing, but not intrusive, and relevant, but not ordinary, ads. Our expertise can help publishers create innovative ad formats, tailor-made to fit into the characters of their digital properties.

Data and Creative Integration

Relevancy is the key to retain visitors today. Data-integrated creative formats enable publishers to deliver ads with relevant and personalised content, and in turn increase the value of each impression. Our experts in data and creative assist publishers in planning, designing and executing data-integrated creative. FiveStones empowers publishers with a spectrum of service from fully supporting the production to providing training to allow them to be self-sufficient.

Template Design and Production

Production efficiency is also important when executing complex ad formats. With our technology and service, publishers are able to build customised templates with data sources from all publishers, their clients, and/or any third party. With these well-defined templates, each execution is simple and hassle-free. They’re able to both save time and increase the return on investment.