Are you an organisation or agency looking to drive higher ROI from your digital media and search spend? FiveStones provides a number of Outsourced Operations services to drive and scale the performance of your advertising campaigns at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring full-time resources.

Campaign Management Services

Full-service campaign management and optimisation including digital media,  programmatic search and floodlight tag implementation using your GMP stack, including:

  • Campaign Manager 360 Trafficking Services >
  • Search Ads 360 Campaign Management Service >
  • Display Video 360 Campaign Management Service >
  • Technical Support >

Creative Development

Development of various standard, rich media and Data-driven Creatives to leverage within the GMP stack, including:

  • HTML5 Concepting & Development >
  • Rich Media Development & Repurposing >

Our Ad Operations process

  1. Briefing & Requirements - We will work with you to discover and assess your business needs.
  2. Planning and Recommendations - Our practitioners will design the plan with you to address your business needs and expectations.
  3. Implementation - Our Solutions team will execute all agreed strategies effectively and accurately.
  4. Quality Control - Our Solutions team will execute all agreed strategies effectively and accurately.
  5. Analysis & Optimisation - We analyse the results and work with you on the next steps so you remain in control.
  6. Documentation - Full documentation and insights are available for you so you have full transparency of our work.
  7. Account Management - We remain engaged to deliver on our commitment of providing support, expertise and quality of service.

Interested in taking advantage of our Outsourced Operations services? Get in touch with your local FiveStones team today!