Campaign Strategy

Many marketers believe search engine marketing (SEM) is an important part of the whole digital marketing strategy that seals the deal. Our team of SEM experts, who are well-versed in Google Ads and Search Ads 360, empower marketers to build an effective SEM strategy suitable to their business context.

Campaign Optimisation

With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we help increase your ROI through timely and effective optimisation, from anyalysing keywords and updating ad copies to smart bidding. The success of the campaign comes about only through the marriage of human and machine intelligence where one complements the other.

Measurement & Insights

Using an enterprise solution Search Ads 360, we ensure our customers get much more than simply using entry-level search solutions such as Google Ads. The beauty of using an effective search management platform is that we can always rely on the fresh data to optimise. Through its powerful reporting, we’re able to access data to get clarity on not only paid search results, but also organic search and social tracking. The holistic view provides us insights to go extra miles with the SEM campaigns.

Search Ads 360 Services

As experts in search solutions, FiveStones empowers your team with the platforms and skills to plan, execute and optimise digital campaigns with integrated technologies. FiveStones operates as a Search Ads 360 Sales Partner and consultant around the region. We currently have search engine marketing (SEM) services in in Greater China and South East Asia regions. We also provide different levels of support and training for self-serviced customers.

Google Search Ads 360 (SA360) logo

Our Process

Managed service customers

  • Understand customer's business, marketing and media strategy
  • Set campaign goal and search strategy to align with customer's needs
  • Execute campaign in related platform(s)
  • Optimise and manage campaign performance

Self service customers

  • Set up customer's own platform account and provide access
  • Update customers on new features and best practices
  • Troubleshoot on technical and operational issues