Creative Services

Combining art and technology, our team specialises in rich media ad design and production. Through Studio, we build rich media creatives such as dynamic creatives, videos and responsive interstitials to specifications that work seamlessly in the publisher’s environment. We provide customers with a one-stop campaign management service for every format in any given campaign.

Engaging Creative

Creatives speak for the brand. They not only breathe life into the brand, and fundamentally they create the brand. Creatives can be played out on many different levels of engagement. And with our experts’ mastery in technology, we work in the space where creativity and technology meet.  

Data-driven Creatives

Data-driven creatives (DDC), more widely known as dynamic creatives or DCO, allow us to use audience insights to build different variations of creatives to drive different strategies that fit specific targeting or media buying. There is no limit to how specific we want to get as long as the data signal is available. The variation can be very dynamic, and each case can be very unique in its own right.

Design and Production

Marrying creativity and technology, the FiveStones team creates visually enticing banners that are interactive and engaging. We allow technology to play a key role in story telling. We ensure that your creative tells a compelling story, and that story is brought to life with creativity and the mastery of technology.

Our Process

  • Understand customer's objective, brand position and data sources (specifically for DDC)
  • Design and develop creatives based on customer's brief
  • Test workability and apply fixes, if any. Launch
  • Learn and optimise (specifically for DDC)