Digital Marketing Maturity Consulting

As part of ongoing research from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google, organisations who are able to adopt and achieve full Data-driven Marketing and Attribution (or be considered a digitally mature organisation) can see “up to 30% in cost efficiency savings and 20% increase in revenue.”

“The top 100 most mature marketers on the maturity curve are 4X as likely to exceed business goals, increase market share, and increase revenue”

As the original Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner in Asia/Pacific, FiveStones works with marketers and practitioners in developing and achieving the ‘Digital Marketing Maturity’ for their organisation or clients. Learn more about our Digital Marketing Maturity consulting services to find out how FiveStones can help drive ROI from your Data-driven Marketing strategy.

Our Digital Maturity Solutions Services

  • Data Collection - All assets are adequately tagged and managed centrally in a tag management tool for easy deployment.
  • Data-driven Creative - Help clients develop their Data-driven Creative strategies & implement the required infrastructure
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation - Conversion optimisation based on A/B testing and enabling, personalisation scenarios.
  • Data Visualisation - Generate and leverage advanced insights from spend and performance with easy-to-digest visual elements.
  • GMP Extension - Use of custom-built solutions to improve the effectiveness of the Google Marketing Platform.