Case Study - How to connect Oracle Netsuite and Studio to create a custom Dynamic Remarketing strategy

Have you previously considered a more detailed, customised approach to your remarketing? According to our list of 10 research-backed benefits of Dynamic Remarketing, 3 out of 5 online viewers notice and consider ads showing previously viewed products from another page, therefore Dynamic Remarketing is a proven strategy to drive conversions.

Further to this, as part of our work with our printer and ink cartridge client, we took this a step further and recently developed a custom Dynamic Remarketing solution to accommodate and update nearly 3,000 products within the Dynamic Creative template of our client’s display ads every day..

Here, we explore a case study of this client and key takeaways:


  • Upgrade the existing Google Shopping remarketing feed to a more detailed, personalised process, leveraging the client’s CRM, Oracle Netsuite and utilising StudioCampaign Manager 360 (CM360) within the Google Marketing Platform
  • Leverage the existing Google Merchant Centre feed
  • Time efficiencies achieved from no longer having to update the products manually; and 
  • Increased sales from more personalised ads


  • 2,893 products to be managed and updated ongoing
  • 8 XML feeds from Oracle Netsuite using custom scripts
  • Add dynamic UTM parameters based on campaign data within Campaign Manager 360 (CM360)
  • Build 6 custom HTML5 creatives which are updated and automatically trafficked after being bought through the GMP, allowing daily remarketing messaging across all available DV360 inventory

How it works

The Google Merchant Centre’s structure did not meet the requirements for a Studio feed, therefore, custom scripts (in the form of 8 XML files) were created to provide the additional structure required. FiveStones provided clear instructions and documentation to the client’s development team for them to create the connection between their CRM, Oracle Netsuite and Studio

As part of the feed set up feed, the client’s website product records in Netsuite would output the XML feeds at 12.30am daily. FiveStones then use Auto Scheduling in Studio to pull these feeds into the platform at 2am after the feed has generated, meaning all 4000 products are updated daily.

From a Google Marketing Platform perspective, once a prospect visits a particular product page on the client’s website, the product ID, is passed through a Custom Floodlight Variable in Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) then stored and refreshed in Studio with a feature called remarketing attribute.

From here, Studio matches the remarketing values with the content in the xml feeds from Netsuite and then sends the personalised content to the creative.


Since this solution and the feeds have been implemented, our printer and ink cartridge client has achieved:

  • 380,000+ impressions campaign-to-date
  • $19.14 CPA (target of $33.00 CPA) campaign-to-date
  • 0-1 days after initial product view was the most effective for conversions, however, there was a spike in clicks and conversion between 6-10 days after initial product view
  • Cost efficiencies from building a Dynamic Creative template vs manually coding each ad – 40-50x savings (when considering developer, agency and account management fees)
  • Time saved from product updates being applied automatically – 40-50 hours per month

Are you thinking of setting up a Dynamic Remarketing feed? Perhaps you want to set up a custom product-based remarketing from your CRM? Contact the experts at FiveStones today to discuss potential opportunities for you to leverage the research-backed benefits of remarketing.


With this case study of our printer and ink cartridge client as a first-hand example, it shows how an advanced, customised Dynamic Remarketing strategy can be effective in consolidating data from a variety of different sources, such as an organisation’s CRM, Google Merchant Centre account, Floodlight activities (specifically Custom Floodlight Variables) and Studio’s Dynamic Profile to generate significantly higher performance..

Using a hyper-personalised Dynamic Remarketing feed combined with data-driven signals, our client was been able to drive returning visitors to their website and achieve higher conversion rates for their products with less time required to maintain and update ongoing.

For support or consultation on your Dynamic Remarketing strategy or to discuss a custom-built solution, get in touch with your local FiveStones team today.