With the recent announcement of the Distance Business (D-Biz) funding Programme by the HKSAR government, FiveStones are currently offering 4 packages to support enterprises continue business and services during the epidemic. Importantly, we are the only GMP sales partner on the IT vendor reference list for this initiative.

Read below for more details of our technology solutions, all of which we will provide support for enterprises looking to receive funding through the initiative.

Package 1

Google Analytics Implementation & Consulting Services

Better understand user behaviour on your website, track your conversions, and get reporting insight to improve ROI with Google Analytics (GA). Our Google Analytics Implementation & Consulting Services are provided by our experienced and certificated GA experts. With flexible planning options, our experts work with you and your team to deliver industry best practice for Analytics.

Package 2

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Consulting & Campaign Management

Search Engine Marketing is an effective way to generate brand awareness, attract highly qualified traffic to your website, and drive conversions. Powered by Google’s intelligent, machine-learning capabilities and optimization, our SEM experts use Google’s premium search management platform (SA360) to improve performance and achieve your SEM goals.

Package 3

Programmatic Display Consulting & Campaign Management

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising inventory (in real time) for the opportunity to show (or place) online advertisements in front of potential customers with specific demographics or interests. Through the use of advanced programmatic targeting and functionality within Google’s Campaign Manager & DV360 platforms, FiveStones will increase engagement of online users towards your brand and products using display and video advertising.

Package 4


Our Dynamic Marketing System is a tool for customers to manage their marketing messages for their existing creative banners. Using our system, customers are able to not only manage marketing messaging remotely, but also create personalised messaging at scale to targeted audiences.

Our Distance Business (D-Biz) funding Programme Packages

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